Chunxu Mao, University of Surrey (Special session 13)

Invited Talk: Chunxu Mao, University of Surrey

Special session 13:  Modelling, Optimization and Applications of Antennas and Microwave Devices


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Title: Integrated Design of Filtering Antennas for Multiple Wireless Applications

The integration of filter and antenna has attracted intensive research interest recently. The integrated design can not only reduce insertion loss due to interface mismatching but also provide extra benefits to the antenna, such as, wideband, frequency selectivity, flat gain in-band, and out-of-band rejection. This paper first presents a brief overview of the advanced design methods of filtering antennas. Then, a couple of recent achievements done by the authors are demonstrated and discussed, including a dual-band filtering antenna, a circularly polarized filtering antenna, a duplexing filtering antenna, and a multiplexing antenna. The merits of each design are discussed and compared with traditional counterparts. Concluding remarks and future works are given at the end.