Ningning Yan, Tianjin University (Special session 12)

Invited Talk: Ningning Yan, Tianjin University

Special session 12:  Advanced Antennas for the Next Generation Wireless Communication


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Title: Research on Antennas Based on Substrate Integrated Suspended Line

Based on the Substrate integrated suspended line (SISL) structure, which has the merits of low loss and self-packaged property, different kinds of SISL antennas are proposed and designed in this presentation aiming at how to improve gain, expand bandwidth, increase the number of frequency band and miniaturize size, etc. For the high gain antenna, SISL quasi-Yagi antenna and compact leaky-wave antenna are introduced. Through the multi-mode methods by introducing stacked patch, SISL wide-band and multi-band antennas are proposed. In addition, the concept of stepped impedance resonator (SIR) is also utilized to obtain multi-band property. What’s more, a miniaturized high permittivity dielectric filled SISL antenna is proposed. It is very important to design high gain, wide band, multi-band and miniaturized SISL antennas, which would promote the extensive application of SISL and its related circuits and systems.