Wei Wang, Chang’an University (Special session 9)

Invited Talk: Wei Wang, Chang’an University

Special session 9:  Wireless Propagation, Sensing and Localization for Smart Mobility


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Title: The impact of small-scale fading on vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity

VANET introduces a promising solution to improve road safety and transportation efficiency.  Network connectivity is one of the most important issues in VANETs, researches on the connectivity performance have remarkable significance on the construction of VANETs. Due to the impacts of fading, the transmission range of each vehicle is a random variable, the  connectivity of V2V is also vary. This study focus on the connectivity probability analysis in the presence of small-scale fading.  Firstly, we take into account the variability of channel, and build analytical models to investigate connectivity properties. Two different fading models are considered, specifically, Nakagami fading model, Weibull fading model. Secondly, the impacts of small-scale fading parameters on connectivity probability are studied. Finally, based on measurement data, we build small-scale fading model, and analyze the effects of different parameters on connectivity. In this paper, the effects of various parameters on  VANETs connectivity are  investigated, such as  the distance between vehicles, standard deviation of shadowing fading, fading parameters (Nakagami fading and Weibull fading), the threshold value of signal to noise ratio, average vehicle density, transmit power, neighbor order.