Zhengrong Lai, Guangdong Communications & Networks Institute (Special session 9)

Invited Talk: Zhengrong Lai, Guangdong Communications & Networks Institute

Special session 9:  Wireless Propagation, Sensing and Localization for Smart Mobility


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Title: A High-order Modulation (64-QAM) Broadband THz Communication System over 100 Gbps

Based on the research, gave a prototype of a high-order modulation (64-QAM) terahertz (THz) communication system over 100 Gbps. To begin with, the channel capacity and spectrum efficiency of a THz link are analyzed based on Shannon’s theorem and the state of the art technology.
Then, a Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) frequency multiplier and a secondary harmonics mixer are designed and manufactured. Finally, we prototype the THz communication system and realize the transmission data rate over 100 Gbps with 64-QAM in lab. The test results in our study paves the way towards the fulfillment of the broadband and large capacity required by future sixth-generation (6G) mobile communication systems.