Guangcai Sun, Xidian University (Special session 5)

Invited Talk: Guangcai Sun, Xidian University

Special session 5:  Advanced Radar Imaging and Sensing Technologies


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Title: Research on the Image-Domain Channel Mismatch Calibration Method for the MACs SAR

Channel mismatch calibration is a critical issue for the multiple azimuth channels (MACs) SAR to achieve high resolution and wide-swath imaging. This presentation introduces an image-domain channel error estimation algorithm based on image subspace least square (ISP-LS) method, and a post-imaging reconstruction algorithm for MACs SAR. The proposed method mainly consists of preprocessing and SAR imaging, the ISP-LS-based channel error estimation and calibration algorithm, post-imaging reconstruction and ambiguity suppression. In this method, the channel phase error and baseline error are joint-estimated by iteration after SAR imaging. Because of the difference in electromagnetic scattering capability of different targets, the SNR of the SAR image can be uneven, providing an advantage that the higher SNR regions can be chosen to achieve a more accurate estimate. We also propose a post-imaging reconstruction method for ambiguity suppression, realizing imaging for each channel data separately and combine the multichannel SAR images.