Daotong Li, Chongqing University (Special session 17)

Invited Talk: Daotong Li, Chongqing University

Special session 17:  MM-Wave and THz Technologies and its System Applications


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Title: Power Combiner with High Isolation Characteristics and Its Application on Radiometer Sensitivity Enhancement

The microwave radiometer is a highly sensitive receiver capable of measuring very low levels of microwave radiation, such as remote sensing data like content of the soil, salinity of the oceans, and astronomical data for scientific models of the universe. MM-wave and THz passive security imaging is also a very important application for the radiometer. A higher radiometer sensitivity is the key goal of a radiometer. In general, low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) with good gain flatness can be used to improve the radiometer sensitivity. Many other methods are also proposed to improve the radiometer sensitivity for a single-channel radiometer.
In this talk, details as well as validations of the novel type of radiometer and power combiner or bandwidth synthesizer are presented. It can be composed of any type of n single-channel radiometers such as direct detection radiometers, superheterodyne radiometers, or hybrids of them. As an key component of the multi-channel radiometer, power combiner and bandwidth synthesizer play important roles in the sensitivity improvement, and the sensitivity of the radiometer can be improved greatly if the presynthesis power of the n single-channel radiometers is the same and keep in balance. In addition, the design ideas, results and advantages are also discussed.