Zhengpeng Wang, Beihang University (Special session 7)

Invited Talk: Zhengpeng Wang, Beihang University

Special session 7:  Testing Methodology for  Antennas and Wireless Devices


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Title: A Novel Ultra-Wideband Plane Wave Generator Antenna Array for OTA Test

PWG is an efficient OTA testing method, the concept of which can be dated back to 1978. The basic principle is that a plane wave can be approximated in the proximity of the PWG array via setting suitable complex coefficient excitations for the PWG elements. To determine suitable excitations, various numerical methods have been proposed in the literature at one frequency point, e.g. an iterative optimization method, least square fit, genetic algorithm, and intersection algorithm, respectively. However, the wideband performance of the PWG which is essential for real application is less attention.
An ultra-wideband one dimension plane wave generator (PWG) antenna array is developed in this paper. Ten electrical small wideband Vivaldi antenna elements are employed. Both the coupling and environment effect are involved in the proposed plane wave excitations optimization method. The theoretical bandwidth covers over 0.7GHz to 7GHz. The PWG generates plane wave whose amplitude variation is below ±1.45dB and phase variation is below ±10.5° in the working frequency band by proposed method, which is better than the traditional optimization method results.