Zhongqian Niu, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (Special session 17)

Invited Talk: Zhongqian Niu, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Special session 17:  MM-Wave and THz Technologies and its System Applications


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Title: The Research on Terahertz Solid State Circuits and Front End for High Speed Communication System

Terahertz wave plays an important role in the electromagnetic spectrum. The wavelength is between infrared light and microwave. Terahertz wireless communication is very suitable for short-range high-speed wireless data transmission for ground applications, such as point to point data interaction, short distance high speed data transmission, etc. While in space applications, terahertz wave is also an ideal choice for intersatellite large capacity data transmission because attenuation in an approximate vacuum environment is smaller.
In this presentation, the THz front end for high speed communication system based on all solid state circuits is presented. This paper gives a further study on the 220GHz subharmonic mixer, 110GHz multiplier, which play an important role in the superheterodyne receiver. On the basis of the breakthrough in the research of key circuits, the terahertz communication system has been designed. The research shows the great potential of the terahertz wave for high speed wireless communication. And it lays an important theoretical and technical foundation for the development of terahertz frequency resources as a new wireless communication band in the future.