Gang Zhang, Nanjing Normal University (Special session 8)

Invited Talk: Gang Zhang, Nanjing Normal University

Special session 8:  Multifunctional Planar Antennas/Filters by Using Multi-Resonant Modes

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Title: Recent Advances in Multi-port Filtering Power Divider

A mini-review of our research on the synthesis and design ap-proaches of multi-port filtering power divider (M-FPD) is pre-sented in this paper. To begin with, a coupling matrix synthesis technique of M-FPD is outlined by the integrated method from analytical formulas and optimization method based on our re-ported work. Subsequently, in line with the presented synthesis method and designed topologies, three M-FPD design methods exploring electromagnetic resonant modes and the wave propaga-tion based on our published works are summarized. The first one is the utilization of resonances along the transmission lines. Sev-eral representative M-FPDs with satisfactory performance are exhibited for validation. The second way is to exploit the TE-mode in the substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) cavity, which is demonstrated by a design of multilayer SIW three-way FPD with adjustable power division. For the third one, it is introduced with the exploitation of resonant modes in circular patches, in-cluding a balanced-to-balanced filtering power divider design.