Sen Yan, Xi’an Jiaotong University

Invited Talk: Sen Yan, Xi’an Jiaotong University

Special session 11: Bioelectromagnetics and Wireless Body Area Networks


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Title: The Mode splitting of Spoof Localized Surface Plasmons Hybridization used for Liquid Characteristic Sensing

A high-sensitivity planar microfluidic sensor based on coupled spoof localized surface plasmons (SLSPs) is proposed in this paper. By stacking two SLSP disks with same dimensions on the top and bottom layers to form a strong interaction and to produce mode splitting, a notch point is formed on the basis of the dipole resonant modes (ω- and ω+). The notch point can be converted into a shift of the resonant frequency, and thus the influence of the dielectric loss of the sample on the performance of the highly sensitive structure is reduced. Compared to other conventional microwave microfluidic sensors made of planar resonators, the sensitivity of the proposed sensor is greatly improved. The water-ethanol binary mixture is used for verification in the experiment.