Neng-Wu Liu, Xidian University (Special session 8)

Invited Talk: Neng-Wu Liu, Xidian University

Special session 8: Multifunctional Planar Antennas/Filters by Using Multi-Resonant Modes

Title: Low-Profile Shorted Patch Antennas with Improved Performances by Using Multimode Design Concept

In modern wireless communications, the microstrip patch antennas (MPAs) have been widely investigated and improved. Nowadays the requirements are becoming more and more rigorous to the low-profile and wide-bandwidth. Whereas, the traditional low-profile MPA maintains a narrow bandwidth due to its single mode radiation. In order to address this issue, the novel multimode design concept has been proposed and developed in our team. Herein, this method could not only be used for performance improvements of the linearly-polarized (LP) MPAs, but also for the circularly-polarized (CP) MPAs. Hence, in this work, we will conclude our previous works from these two aspects.